Avoid these PR mistakes

Avoid these PR mistakes

If you’ve decided to DIY your public relations, you’ll want to avoid making these three common PR mistakes

Mistake 1: Writing a long-winded “media release”

We get it, you’re passionate about your business, your new service offering or the award you just won. But in this instance, the saying, “less is more” is something you should abide by. In 2021 a “media release” can take many different forms. So it really is best to keep it simple if you’re doing it yourself.

How to fix: Send only the most essential information. If you’ve won an award, list the award you’ve won, how many others were in the running for the award, a BRIEF statement on what the award means for your business and staff and create a dropbox folder with images of staff with the award. Job done.

HOT TIP: You’ll want to send your information as a Word doc as most operating systems can convert to a similar file.

Mistake 2: Not proof-reading material before you send it to the media

So you’ve written a brief document to send to the media and you’re about to send it. You’ve re-read it twice and think it looks great. STOP.

How to fix: Firstly, have a colleague proofread what you’ve written. If it’s time-sensitive, ask them in advance and make sure they’ve allocated some time to help out. Then if you have the staff available have someone extra run their eyes over it. You’re not asking for content changes, you’re wanting to ensure the document is correct grammatically and makes sense. If you’re working solo, then look at investing in some proofreading software. A simple google search will provide some great options.

Mistake 3: No contact details made available

So you’ve created a brief document of your news, you’ve had it proofread and *now* you’re ready to hit send. Where are your contact details? In your email. Not enough.

How to fix: Make sure you put your contact details or PR coordinator’s details in the document itself. Link your social media pages and ensure your website has been updated with the latest contact information too!

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