PR content

Content is king

In 2021 your content really does have to speak louder than words.

What do I mean by that?

Well, you have to have good imagery, this should include headshots, product shots (if that’s your biz!) or service “action” shots (sure some of these may have to be “set-up” with a photographer).

You should also have a decent media-kit ready to go.

What? A media-kit? Why? What’s a media kit??

Okay, at a very basic level, a media kit will include aforementioned images PLUS and (or all) of the following…

A biography of Founder, a biography of spokesperson (if this person isn’t the Founder), company backgrounder document, statistics on the business and finally, a document with all your social media /contact details.

Once you have this content, you’re ready to get started with a PR plan.

If this all seems very overwhelming, which I can understand, don’t let it get to you. Pursuit Communications can help with ALL of this.

So, where to now? Well why don’t you contact us and we’ll organise a time to have a chat with you – either over Zoom or over coffee ☕️ and get the ball rolling!

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