What I did this Summer…

Over the Summer break I decided to *REALLY* have a good work/life balance.

After all, the last couple of years have been rather hectic (and I’m not just talking about the workload!)

If you’re following Pursuit on Instagram you would have seen my tips.

I did create a reading list of sorts…

Each morning I read the paper/s for pleasure (not for work) and yes, that included a quick glance at the comics too!

I also tried to read between 10-20 pages of my book or indulge in a magazine. When I usually read a magazine for work I’m focusing on the tone, the style, the range of stories and so many other elements. Over the summer, I stopped that and decided to just read for the joy of it.

I then blocked out a very small amount of time to check emails and only respond to those that needed URGENT attention. My out-of-office message stated as such and then when I hit the ground running my inbox was far more manageable.

While I’m usually very excited to plan for a year ahead, the last couple of years have certainly shown that if anything you need to be prepared for unexpected.

So I have a “skeleton” plan for 2022 and each month am detailing for the next two months in advance. This includes offers that I’m considering offering, new services to develop and exisiting services to refresh and promote.

Finally, while it wasn’t included in my Instagram tips, I did try to have some FUN, I discovered Wordle, enjoyed some beach walks with friends, watched the cricket and Sydney to Hobart yacht race and enjoyed a low-key Christmas Day with my immediate family.

I’m hoping to continue to use some of these tips throughout 2022 to help with my mental health to continue to deliver the results my clients and my own business deserves.

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