Three Ways to get cut-through with the media

Are you thinking about engaging with the media?
Here are three ways to get some cut-through…

We LOVE a creative send-out (and love the brainstorming process even more!) Why is a send-out such a good idea? Because even in these highly digital times, it allows your desired media contacts to EXPERIENCE your product first hand.

So what’s a send-out? Generally it will include a sample of your product, or if you’re a service-based business, there are creative ways to organise a send-out that will highlight your offerings (Just ask us!)
But you don’t just send the media the product, though; you want to be clever without being cheesy and don’t overdo it on the packaging. It’s essential to be as eco-friendly with your packaging and postage as possible!

Invite the media to your HQ
This idea works particularly well for product-based businesses. A factory tour or even a demonstration off-site is always a great educational experience for the media to learn more about your offering.

Keep it short, though; remember these media contacts have deadlines to meet and other appointments. TIP: Keep travelling time in mind when planning your event.

Finally, make sure invited media leave with a dossier of important info. Or email attendees on their departure, so it’s at the top of their inbox!

Keep it short
A traditional media release works if appropriately executed. If you’re choosing a conventional media release, keep it short. Put your media release in the body of your email AND know who you’re emailing. When was the last time you checked your media list? Is it up to date?

TIP: Always have someone proof your media release before you hit SEND.

If you’d like to explore any of these options, contact Pursuit today to find out how we can help you with your next PR activity.

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