Alan Jones V The PM – case study in issues management

There’s been some discussion this morning regarding the interview that took place on Sydney’s 2GB – 873 on the AM dial,  between its leading broadcaster Alan Jones and Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

The interview commenced with Alan “ripping shreds” off the PM for running late.(Who hasn’t been there?) Surely the production team would have been alerted to the fact that Julia wasn’t going to meet the agreed time, or if not had enough sass to realise when her team hadn’t called to let them know she was running late they’d have to make alternate plans?

Was this just another opportunity for the broadcaster to “stick-it” to Julia? Yes.

The PM apologised after further digs from the broadcaster for her tardiness.

The “interview” (I put it in inverted commas due to the fact that it comes across as more of a slanging match as opposed to a structured interview)  continued with Jones probing and pushing Gillard. Too much? I guess that depends on your political viewpoint.

An emotive snippet from a worked-up (male) listener over the taxes the Australian Government continues to impose upon its people was played to the PM.

As a politician Ms. Gillard must be prepared for these types of interviews, especially  given her latest comments regarding the carbon trading emission scheme.

Previously we’ve blogged about the importance of issues management – this interview between Gillard and Jones reinforces the importance of being prepared, anticipate what might be asked of you and be proactive in your responses and actions.

The audio of this interview is available  here.

What are your thoughts regarding this morning’s interview with  PM Gillard and Alan Jones?

Do you have any issues management tips?

2 thoughts on “Alan Jones V The PM – case study in issues management

  1. Brett says:

    AMAZING listening to this interview. So heated, so passionate, and for the first time I really felt like JG won. She handled him very well, a colleague asked “why didnt she just walk out?”. Imagine the tirade if she had?

    Nothing like a fair and balanced take on the world…!

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