COVID media coverage shrinks so what’s the story now?

As reported in AdNews*, COVID-19 news coverage has been declining for the first time in nearly 3 months due to US protests, the return of NRL and impending start of AFL, so what will the story be in a week or so’s time?

The answer?

It could be YOUR business... Why shouldn’t it?

If you’ve pivoted, if you’ve changed direction completely, found a niche in your community or reached a milestone, this is the time to let the media know.

We’re entering yet another phase of the recovery process and as such, positive stories are in hot demand.

Especially those stories that can illustrate a direct connection between Government initiatives.


Because it boosts morale and it creates a sense of positivity within the community something that we all need right now.

So where do you start?

Just start thinking about the positives for your business, jot them down.

Have you been able to stay open? Have you hired extra staff? Are you starting that small business you always dreamed of starting? Have you created a product or service that’s really meeting the needs of your community?

Now you have your positive points down, I want you to think about what it took for you to get there.

Was it years of business experience? Perhaps it happened overnight?

With these two starting points I can assist your business secure the media exposure it deserves.

Now, finally, I want you click here and email us. Pop those points in the email and I will be in touch with the best media outlets to contact with your story.


-Brooke Simmons, Founder Pursuit Communications







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What makes a media release?

Over the coming days on Instagram we’re sharing just some of the components of a media release that will get noticed!

In coming up with this content, it reinforced to me what a multilayered “beast” the media release is.

Beyond the content, which is arguably the most important element, there’s so much more to a media release. JPEG image-4172F6698DF5-1

There’s the fact that you need to tailor it to HOW you’re distributing the release, there’s font consideration and so much more (we have allocated 10 days to it on Instagram!).

Do you need a media release for your business to share the news of a new product line in store?

Perhaps you’ve been selected for a local business award, certainly, THAT’s worth sharing!

Or maybe you’ve just managed to secure a top influencer online or a celebrity to promote your product!

Whatever it is, we can assist with your next media release. CLICK here to view how we can help. 

I look forward to sharing some tips with you and reading your feedback.


Sharing the love

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. There’s no escaping it, if like us you believe everyday should be Valentine’s Day, why not do something romantic every week of the year? (It may sound like a lot of work, but trust us on this one!)

Here’s how… Leave a note in your loved one’s pocket or send them a text with I LOVE YOU in a different language. 

Find the best way to share the language of love here.

While we’re talking all things love, don’t forget that we’re sharing the love with our FREE PR advice opportunity.  

You just have to tell us what areas of marketing, PR and social media your business needs improving.

Then we’ll be in touch with our recommendations. It’s that easy. 

 Have a LOVELY day!

Obama’s social success

As The President’s reign comes to an end, it seems apt to look at some of the social media tricks that Obama does well.

Presenting a focused and clear message – Remember Hope?


It’s a one word slogan that created buzz and worked to build Obama’s profile.

Authenticity – Obama signs off social media posts, authored by him with -BO anything else is tagged appropriately. That way the audience knows who has written what and takes the post to the next level of engagement.

Empower those that support you  – celebrities including Oprah, Bradley Cooper and Tiger Woods have all met Obama and through their own ways their support has further promoted Obama’s profile.

Three very simple ways your business can succeed online.

If you’d like assistance with your social media presence, contact us TODAY. 

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Instagram beats Twitter

Instagram now has more than 500 million users, including 300 million daily active users.

What this says is that while their subscriber base has now surpassed Twitter’s, the number of active users is far less, so not as many people are actively posting / participating in using this channel.

Tell us in the comments, do YOU use Instagram?

Do you have a business account or a personal account?

What’s your favourite Instagram account?

If you would like assistance with creating brand awareness for your business via Instagram, CONTACT US today.

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Look at your emoji’s…

Go on, have a look at your emoji’s…. We’ll wait here.

How many of the emoji’s are female? We’re happy to wait again….

Yup, there are female emoji’s BUT – they’re stereotypes of “female” activity.

With this in mind US brand –Always has created this advert.


What female emoji would you like to see?

Thoughts on the Packer Vs Gyngell Bust-up

I thought I’d share, for what it’s worth, some thoughts on the much publicised and public brawl (or school-yard antics) of James Packer and David Gyngell in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs over the weekend.

1. Who’s the winner in all of this?

No one.

News Limited is reported have forked out a small fortune for the images of the brawl – which according to reports lasted less than a minute, yet has been splashed across seven to ten pages of most of their capital city papers.

As for the two men involved – well, it certainly doesn’t bode well for their professional  images.

2. Should we care?

These men are two of Australia’s leading businessmen and while realistically a punch-up between two-blokes shouldn’t take front page over the terrible mudslide in Afghanistan , somehow, it has, because of who they are.

It’s almost Shakespearean – two mates brawling, fighting ensues, the friends agree to make-up, issue a joint media statement…. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

3. Why is there so much media attention on this story?

Because, as I’ve mentioned above, it’s who these two men are. What role they play in Sydney’s business scene and to a lesser degree the social scene. The fact that it happened in broad daylight, in Sydney’s exclusive Eastern Suburbs also adds (dare I say.. punch) to this story.

4. What will be the PR fall out for these two and their businesses

Well that remains to be seen. Some may argue that there’s no such thing as bad PR.

In this instance, as I’ve said above, there really isn’t a winner and the PR fall out realistically will be minimal. Both men when they next have to face their executive boards, will certainly have to answer a few questions. As for News Limited who published the photos and the story, with a strap line “We’re for Sydney” – which in recent months has championed the cause of coward punch and tougher sentences for those responsible for such hideous acts, to splash pictures of two men brawls seems to contradict what they stand for.

As the school bell rings, to resume classes, school-yard antics will come to a close – and so will this story, unfortunately, not soon enough – for all involved – including the public.

Face your fears day

Today is face your fears day…

I know a fair few people can’t stand public speaking. As for me, well, that’s what I LOVE to do – getting out there in front of people and communicating!


There are certain things I can’t stand though, silly things like slimey creatures (snakes and fish on the end of a fishing line) and I’m not the best with heights either.

But for everyone’s fear, there’s someone who relishes in that particular environment.

So if your fear is public speaking or trying to figure out the best way to communicate a message – I’m more than happy to help, just click on the Contact Pursuit Communications tab at the top of the page.

Oh and if you’re any good with overcoming a fear of slimey things, let me know!