On Oscars day we look at the importance of a good speech

On Oscars day we thought it was a good time to remind our readers of the importance of a good speech. The last thing you want when you’re in front of your colleagues or a group of people is to fall to pieces ala Gwyneth.

You needn’t be receiving a little gold man – whether you’re accepting a certificate from work, making a donation to a charity, introducing a colleague -or opening an exhibit its pertinent to be prepared.

Here’s our top tips for a speech that will wow your audience.

* Have notes / palm cards prepared. Make sure you have the names of those you may be introducing or accepting from – it’s at times like this when you don’t want to have a mental blank.

*If there is someone there who has a name that’s difficult to pronounce that you’ll have to refer to write their name phonetically.

*Run your speech past someone before hand, someone you can trust for honest feedback. The rehearse in front of mirror, it’ll give you an idea of your facial expressions and the opportunity to work on emphasising the right elements.

*Keep it short and sweet – don’t rush through it and keep it relevant. No need to thank every one personally that you’ve met – just those that will be present and relevant to the ceremony.

*Have fun, this is your moment to shine, as brightly as an Oscar. Enjoy it!

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