The Ed Sheeran effect

Unless you’ve been under a rock, it’s hard not have seen or heard one of the two new songs from hitmaker Ed Sheeran.

Ed’s currently on a promotional tour of Australia and it appears to be doing great things for him, with his two newly released songs placed at one and two on the ARIA charts

So, what lesson can we take from Ed?

Well, there’s many but the one I’d like to focus on today is that simplicity wins, always.

Ed takes to stage, television and radio studios with just a guitar and that sublime voice of his. Now, that is a skill in itself there’s no taking away from that.

But there’s no bells and whistles, just as there shouldn’t be when it comes to promoting your business.

Simple messages, without fluff will always stand a better chance of cut-through than those with unnecessary words.

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Olympic Dairy Milk?

A bit of fun post for a Friday.

Cadbury has released a special “Australian Olympic Team Edition” of their chocolate.

It’s not Vegemite (been there, done that) and it’s not pavlova, although we think that may be a great one (anyone listening at Cadbury??)

It is, Lamington and according to product description includes: “Dairy Milk milk chocolate with raspberry jam flavoured pieces, vanilla cake flavoured pieces and coconut”.

Ahhh YUM!

But wait there’s more. No really!

In July an Apple Crumble Bar will be released, also in support of the Australian Olympic Team.

If this is what Olympians eat, sign me up.

Makes me think, what “Aussie” flavoured chocolate block would you like to see?


CDM Lamington FINAL_D98F5D50-39A4-11E6-B1B8AA858E830DD7

Lamington Dairy Milk – Image via AdNews

Original story here.


New Emojis on the way

We’ve heard via various social media news sites that some new emojis are on the way.

The release date is slated for June 21st (US time) and the new emojis will add to the already expansive image collection.

For those brands associated with health the “sneezing face” emoji will be popular, as will the man in tuxedo for wedding businesses, just as the handshake will be popular for businesses of all sizes!

For a look the new emojis being released click here.

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Good things…

Words of wisdom:

Don’t rush your tasks, tell your manager / superiors / clients the amount of time the task will take and if you find that it’s taking longer, notify them immediately to rework the timeline.



Facebook wants you to have a Happy Birthday

So in news overnight, Facebook has announced a new feature.

They’re launching a Happy Birthday Cam (Camera) feature so you can now record a message for your friends and post it to their wall.

It will certainly take more effort to write HBD (Happy Birthday) a trend many younger users post on friends walls on their special day.

Do you think this is Facebook trying to take over where Snapchat, Flipagram and others occupy? Let us know in the comments below.

Read the full article here


Thoughts on the Packer Vs Gyngell Bust-up

I thought I’d share, for what it’s worth, some thoughts on the much publicised and public brawl (or school-yard antics) of James Packer and David Gyngell in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs over the weekend.

1. Who’s the winner in all of this?

No one.

News Limited is reported have forked out a small fortune for the images of the brawl – which according to reports lasted less than a minute, yet has been splashed across seven to ten pages of most of their capital city papers.

As for the two men involved – well, it certainly doesn’t bode well for their professional  images.

2. Should we care?

These men are two of Australia’s leading businessmen and while realistically a punch-up between two-blokes shouldn’t take front page over the terrible mudslide in Afghanistan , somehow, it has, because of who they are.

It’s almost Shakespearean – two mates brawling, fighting ensues, the friends agree to make-up, issue a joint media statement…. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

3. Why is there so much media attention on this story?

Because, as I’ve mentioned above, it’s who these two men are. What role they play in Sydney’s business scene and to a lesser degree the social scene. The fact that it happened in broad daylight, in Sydney’s exclusive Eastern Suburbs also adds (dare I say.. punch) to this story.

4. What will be the PR fall out for these two and their businesses

Well that remains to be seen. Some may argue that there’s no such thing as bad PR.

In this instance, as I’ve said above, there really isn’t a winner and the PR fall out realistically will be minimal. Both men when they next have to face their executive boards, will certainly have to answer a few questions. As for News Limited who published the photos and the story, with a strap line “We’re for Sydney” – which in recent months has championed the cause of coward punch and tougher sentences for those responsible for such hideous acts, to splash pictures of two men brawls seems to contradict what they stand for.

As the school bell rings, to resume classes, school-yard antics will come to a close – and so will this story, unfortunately, not soon enough – for all involved – including the public.

What are you searching for?

Last week Google released  their  Zeitgeist lists: this year’s hottest search terms on

There were some interesting searches throughout the year – including “cakepops”, otoplasty – plastic ear surgery and searching for “what is culture?” – clearly Kath & Kim were busy googling this!

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In the meantime, for the full list of popular search terms from google, click here.

Happy reading!