Wrap-up of my FriYAY Instagram LIVE session

If you didn’t see yesterday afternoon’s FriYAY chat over on Instagram never fear, I’ll be hosting another FRIYAY chat on the 28th at 5.00 PM!

Here’s a summary of what you missed from yesterday.

That’s right, here on this very website I’ve now listed 11, yes 11, different services for you to choose online and book.

If you’ve been asked to improve the awareness of your company’s brand, build a social channel or you’re looking for an engaging speaker, there’s something there for you!

Click here to see the offerings, book a session and see how your business can benefit.

Blogs / podcasts:

Next up I covered just some of the podcasts and blogs I listened to or read this week.
*I’m purchasing Mark Schaefer’s book KNOWN after listening to his talk from #SMMW17. It had that much of an impact on me. I shared my key takeaway points about his presentation.

* Guy Kawasaki is an evangelist who also spoke at SMMW17, if you can listen to any of his previous talks I highly recommend it.

*The podcast regarding Instagram advertising is from Social Media Examiner – featuring Jenn’s Trends.

General news:

Finally, I covered three hot topics
*See my post on the Pursuit Facebook page about Mindy Kaling’s non-brand advertisement. I think it’s a winner.
*475 Visas and PR and marketing space, I shared my thoughts on this topic.
*LOGIES Weekend! Watch out #Melbourne I talked about who might nab the TV WEEK Gold Logie.

That’s a wrap – have a great weekend!
See you all next week at 5 PM FRIDAY on INSTAGRAM

Olympic Dairy Milk?

A bit of fun post for a Friday.

Cadbury has released a special “Australian Olympic Team Edition” of their chocolate.

It’s not Vegemite (been there, done that) and it’s not pavlova, although we think that may be a great one (anyone listening at Cadbury??)

It is, Lamington and according to product description includes: “Dairy Milk milk chocolate with raspberry jam flavoured pieces, vanilla cake flavoured pieces and coconut”.

Ahhh YUM!

But wait there’s more. No really!

In July an Apple Crumble Bar will be released, also in support of the Australian Olympic Team.

If this is what Olympians eat, sign me up.

Makes me think, what “Aussie” flavoured chocolate block would you like to see?


CDM Lamington FINAL_D98F5D50-39A4-11E6-B1B8AA858E830DD7

Lamington Dairy Milk – Image via AdNews

Original story here.


How do you watch TV?

An interesting survey has been released with all sorts of data highlighting television viewing habits of Australians.

One of the stand out statistics was the fact that

1 in 5 people browse for products and services ONLINE while watching television.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.05.32 pm

Image courtesy of THINK TV

If you business needs assistance in building its online presence, we can assist. Contact us  today to discuss how we can help capture this audience for your business.

Thoughts on the Packer Vs Gyngell Bust-up

I thought I’d share, for what it’s worth, some thoughts on the much publicised and public brawl (or school-yard antics) of James Packer and David Gyngell in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs over the weekend.

1. Who’s the winner in all of this?

No one.

News Limited is reported have forked out a small fortune for the images of the brawl – which according to reports lasted less than a minute, yet has been splashed across seven to ten pages of most of their capital city papers.

As for the two men involved – well, it certainly doesn’t bode well for their professional  images.

2. Should we care?

These men are two of Australia’s leading businessmen and while realistically a punch-up between two-blokes shouldn’t take front page over the terrible mudslide in Afghanistan , somehow, it has, because of who they are.

It’s almost Shakespearean – two mates brawling, fighting ensues, the friends agree to make-up, issue a joint media statement…. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

3. Why is there so much media attention on this story?

Because, as I’ve mentioned above, it’s who these two men are. What role they play in Sydney’s business scene and to a lesser degree the social scene. The fact that it happened in broad daylight, in Sydney’s exclusive Eastern Suburbs also adds (dare I say.. punch) to this story.

4. What will be the PR fall out for these two and their businesses

Well that remains to be seen. Some may argue that there’s no such thing as bad PR.

In this instance, as I’ve said above, there really isn’t a winner and the PR fall out realistically will be minimal. Both men when they next have to face their executive boards, will certainly have to answer a few questions. As for News Limited who published the photos and the story, with a strap line “We’re for Sydney” – which in recent months has championed the cause of coward punch and tougher sentences for those responsible for such hideous acts, to splash pictures of two men brawls seems to contradict what they stand for.

As the school bell rings, to resume classes, school-yard antics will come to a close – and so will this story, unfortunately, not soon enough – for all involved – including the public.

2012 in Review

Given the end of the year is almost upon us, I thought a little recap on just some of the highlights of 2012 was in order. It’s always good to look back and reflect on your successes and see just how much you’ve achieved in a year. So with this in mind, here’s our list for 2012.

An absolute highlight would have to be working with Regional Development Australia Central Coast on the Telework – “Work from Anywhere” project for the Central Coast region. RDACC was instrumental in securing finding towards the development of the telework project, which will see $25,000 go towards the development of teleworking centres and education of the innovative scheme. It’s a project that’s close to our heart at Pursuit and we’re thrilled with the success that’s been achieved to date.

Segway Central Coast shared their first birthday with riders at Mt. Penang Parklands by hosting the inaugural Segway Sprinter Championship. With competitors of all ages (15-55) taking part, it was an action packed day. The fastest rider on the day completed the 300m course in 33 seconds! A total of 80 participants took part in the fun and birthday festivities in early November.

We helped The Market Basket Co. celebrate reaching a momentous milestone – selling over 80,000 French inspired baskets! As the Sydney Morning Herald puts it The Market Basket Co.  “has the best style and colour range bar none”!

MBC Spectrum 15 December 2012 - FINAL


We worked with Shelly Beach Golf Club and undertook extensive research into the communications needs of their members. Consequently the content of the newsletter has been tailored to meet what the members have requested and their social media channels have also been reinvigorated.

Oscar & Lulu continue to kick goals, with a beautiful stand at the 2012 Central Coast French markets and work is under way on an exciting project that we’re looking forward to sharing with you in 2013.

Until January, thank you for your support this year. We’ve loved every challenge that 2012 has presented us. We can only hope that 2013 lives up to the expectations that 2012 has set!

– Brooke Simmons

Director, Pursuit Communications

PRESS RELEASE: In Pursuit of National Award

Bensville, 15 March 2012: Central Coast-based Public Relations firm, Pursuit Communications, is delighted to announce they have been selected as a Finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2012.

The Awards support and recognise small businesses across Australia, offering a unique opportunity to highlight Australia’s most outstanding small businesses.

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards seek to acknowledge the hard work that business owners contribute to the local community in generating employment for millions of Australians, in addition to their contribution to the Australian economy.

In light of this recognition, Pursuit Communications would like to express their gratitude to their wonderful clients, suppliers and associates.

Managing Director Brooke Simmons said, “It is such a wonderful accolade of the work we undertake, in helping other businesses promote their products, services,  growth and achievements”.

“2012 is certainly shaping up to be another strong year for Pursuit Communications and with this nomination, we’re looking forward to continued success” adds Brooke.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner and awards ceremony at The Westin Sydney on Saturday 21st April.

We’re doing it for YOU!

Welcome to 2012.

Hope your plans are all falling into place.

One of the big things on our agenda this year is to refresh our website and we want YOUR input.

What do you want from a PR website?

Perhaps it’s a page where you can find common PR related Q&A’s?  A look at the lighter side of PR?

Profiles of our clients? Profiles of key people within the media?

A wrap up of what’s happening in the world from a PR perspective?

Let us know, we want to make the NEW Pursuit Communications website as useful for YOU as possible!

You can leave your comments below or tweet us  or send us a Facebook message.


From a PR’s perspective

There was a great post earlier this week on Ragan’s PR Daily Website which I’d like to share with you.

While written somewhat tongue in cheek (IMHO) the list of “20 things PR clients should know” rings very true to me as a PR professional.

Suggestions such as “Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter” and “No, we’re not writing any more “…pleased to announce…” ledes. ”

“Ditto for “We’re so excited/thrilled/happy” CEO quotes. Pretend you’re explaining the story to a friend over drinks, and then give us that quote.”

Sure it sounds simple enough but that’s the point, it’s often the simple things that get overlooked.

My favourite point is the last one…(go and have a read)… It’s my favourite because I’m certain there are elements of each client we all adore and sometimes we neglect to tell you (as our client) this!

If you are considering engaging a PR company it’s worth having a read.

If you’re a PR professional – share your thoughts about what clients should know.

From a client side, now is your chance to voice your opinion, what do you wish your PR company knew?

The list can be found here.

Happy reading!