“Freedom Day” Action List

As a small business operator, knowing that “Freedom Day” for NSW is rapidly approaching makes me very happy.

Now more than ever, time is of the essence.

So what am I doing now to work towards “Freedom Day”?

In my list below I share the details and insights on how you can follow suit for business success.

Communicating to clients

Now more than ever, it’s critical to communicate to your clients (customers, suppliers, contractors and stakeholders) about your plans once NSW reopens.

For me, it’s VITAL that the best message is communicated effectively and in a timely way.

Now isn’t the time for flowery words wherever possible avoid long and involved explanations.

I’m using a variety of ways to reach out – email, phone and social media. I’ve also got some creative ideas up my sleeve, watch this space.

Think about the best way you can communicate your plans to your customers. Can you be creative? Would something on Tik Tok be suitable? Or perhaps a media release sent to local media about your plans? Spend some time thinking about the best way forward that suits your brand.

Scheduling relevant content on social media

Whatever I’m saying I need to echo in my social media posts, to reinforce messaging to my clients, suppliers, contractors and stakeholders.

Now is the time for consistency.

Now isn’t the time to create a social media presence if you don’t already have one. Use the channels you have to amplify your message (email, letterbox drops etc)

Looking at exisiting deadlines – Consider what can be adjusted accordingly

If there’s a project that’s coinciding with “Freedom Day” that can be moved, I’m suggesting to clients that they look at alternate dates. Why?

Because *everyone* in NSW is going to be focused on reopening and getting businesses up and running and heading into (yet another) new-normal.

If the event doesn’t involve reopening /staggered reopening plan, I suggest you consider the same.

If you’d planned to launch a new product or make an announcement the week of October 11th, you might want to reconsider delaying just for a week. Let the news of NSW reopening settle, let the hype of restrictions being eased die down.

I should also mention here if you’re selling products for Christmas, look at adjusting your deadlines now too. Let customers know NOW what the deadline is for Christmas delivery. Australia Post has said to expect delays due to the volume of online shopping orders that are already being placed.

Make sure you consider all these deadlines in your own planning.

Continuing to forward plan for my own business and my clients

Once we’ve hit the 70% double vaccination milestone, the next target will be 80% (expected to be middle of October) and then the final stage of restrictions being eased is due to come into effect in December.

So with these markers, I’m continuing to look at work arounds, what those milestones mean for my clients and for my business and the community in general.

If there was ever a time to sit down with a pencil and paper and a calendar, this is it.

Look at the dates that are approaching – HSC exams, Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas …

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