How to keep front of mind with your customers during lockdown

How to keep front of mind with your customers during lockdown

It’s tough out there at the moment. With a large portion of Australia in lockdown and many of us working from home, it can seem a “bit of an ask” to try and think about our businesses and working on them rather than IN them.

Here we share some tips to keep front of mind with your customers during the lockdown.

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  1. Be realistic, think about your customer, what are their pain points right now? Every customer will be different, so grab a pen and paper (or if you’re feeling extra creative while the kids are homeschooling, some textas and butchers paper) and create a customer profile.
  2. Once you have an idea of their pain points, think about how you can SOLVE them. On the same paper, write your product offering or solution
  3. Next, think about the best way to communicate this to your customers. Is it via social media? An e-newsletter? Or perhaps you’ve created a service or product in response to these pain points and it deserves some media attention. Jot your ideas down.
  4. Get creative with your messaging. No one likes a hard sell. So be sure to refer to your customer’s pain points and make sure your wording will resonate with them.

If you want help with effectively communicating your message to your customers, please contact us; we’re here to help.

We have a Zoom discovery session available now that where we will chat about your PR goals, ideas, plans – and IF indeed PR is the best way for you to go and suggest alternates for you to consider.

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