Pay Per Click – Is it worth it?

We read an article today that really opened our eyes to the benefits of pay per click advertising.

Now, before we get much further, we do believe that any activity MUST have a “share” across advertising, PR and marketing. To maximise the most out of your message, it makes sense to have a comprehensive campaign.

So, back to Pay Per Click (PPC), the one point in this article that really stood out for us, was the fact that with the ability to focus on a certain audience, your message can be heard by those who you want to SPECIFICALLY target.

Which seems simple enough, but imagine being able to target people aged 18-23, who have purchased a coffee in the last week. If you own a bakery, that audience clearly is “hungry” so why not target them?

Spending otherwise means that you’re potentially reaching an audience that really isn’t interested.

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Link to article – 4 ways PPC benefits your business.


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