From a PR’s perspective

There was a great post earlier this week on Ragan’s PR Daily Website which I’d like to share with you.

While written somewhat tongue in cheek (IMHO) the list of “20 things PR clients should know” rings very true to me as a PR professional.

Suggestions such as “Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter” and “No, we’re not writing any more “…pleased to announce…” ledes. ”

“Ditto for “We’re so excited/thrilled/happy” CEO quotes. Pretend you’re explaining the story to a friend over drinks, and then give us that quote.”

Sure it sounds simple enough but that’s the point, it’s often the simple things that get overlooked.

My favourite point is the last one…(go and have a read)… It’s my favourite because I’m certain there are elements of each client we all adore and sometimes we neglect to tell you (as our client) this!

If you are considering engaging a PR company it’s worth having a read.

If you’re a PR professional – share your thoughts about what clients should know.

From a client side, now is your chance to voice your opinion, what do you wish your PR company knew?

The list can be found here.

Happy reading!

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