Instagram Shopping – A new feature

We know you’ve been able to “shop” via Instagram for a while now, but the ability to set up a shop via Instagram is now available (for those that sell physical goods at least!)

There are several boxes you need to tick before you can set up shop, so to speak, including having a linked Facebook page and ensuring your Instagram account is a business account and not a personal account. To read the other requirements click here. 

So, what does this mean for the marketplace?

Well, Facebook /Instagram Shops will also allow small businesses to sell products through Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Messenger, and tag products during live broadcasts! Talk about engaging directly with your customers!

Shops are free and easy to create and, most importantly, they’re integrated across Facebook’s many apps, meaning once you’ve set up your shop, it’s going to be available on your Facebook Page and your Instagram profile (and accessible from stories and ads).

It’s the perfect tool for businesses to pivot online, and during a time when that’s needed more than ever, Facebook /Instagram have delivered a solution that helps.

The good news? It’s available in Australia right now, to see where else the service is available, click here.

If you’d like assistance setting up your shop, content for your social media or any other PR or social media service, please get in touch.



Service highlight: Getting ahead of the curve – What to do in post Coronavirus world… NOW?

As I’ve been progressing through the isolation period, one very important question has been front of mind for me.

What’s next?

It’s a question that can’t be answered on many fronts, however, there are some aspects that CAN be answered.

In the “Getting ahead of the curve” consulting service, there are many aspects that are considered for businesses interested in participating.

We look at:

*Previous activities carried out across advertising, marketing, public relations and social media

*Planned activities prior to COVID-19

*The new goals for your business in a “post-COVID-19” world

*Refining the best channels for communicating your message to get the maximum return on investment for your business

*How to best execute using these channels in plan format (an outline)


But the question remains, why should I do this now when so much remains unknown?

The simple answer is because it’s VITAL to keep planning and forecasting.

Even if these plans have to change, a plan, in any case, is better than no plan at all.

If you’re interested in this one-hour session click here, choose COVID-19 services and the option will be the first one in the list, proceed to fill in your details and you’re booked in!

How to PR in 2019

It’s a hectic time of year, there are functions to attend, end of year reports to be completed not to mention all of your personal commitments. What’s the best way to get ahead in 2019? Read on… 
We’ve made a list why taking advantage of our new year offer from Pursuit will give you and your business the edge in 2019. 

  • We will create a tailored pitch for your business. It will be completed by PR professionals. All you have to do is provide some details as to what you would like Pursuit to promote to our extensive list of relevant media contacts.
  • Pursuit will enhance your business profile with these contacts 
  • It will give you the chance to receive one-on-one advice from the Pursuit team to improve your PR communications strategy
  • Pursuit will help your business gain media coverage, reach your target audience with a great platform to generate sales
    Overall, Pursuit will give your business that much needed and desired head start in the New Year.

NOW is the time to inspire your audience as to WHY they should engage with your business in 2019 and beyond and Pursuit Communications will help with just that.

Public Relations can make a huge contribution to the success of your business, so teaming with Pursuit in the lead up to the new year is the most cost-effective way to market your business. 

Let Pursuit generate the media attention and brand recognition your business deserves 2019. 


New Year package details


Mother’s Day

It’s not *too* late if you’ve left promoting your Mother’s Day products.

Below I’ve shared my top tips to get customers buying in the last-minute rush.


*Offer discounted or free express postage – and offer to send directly to “Mum” or “Nanna” rather than to the purchaser, and include gift-wrapping for a nominal fee.

*Use Social media – use Instagram Stories, Facebook LIVE to promote your products, show them in-situ and ask customers to send their images and share these!

*Offer gift-vouchers; they’re great for those “last-minute Larry’s” out there who inevitably leave shopping right until the last second.

*Reward customers with discount upon completion of purchase, this will get them coming back for more!

*Share your business posts on your personal pages; your friends and family are your greatest supporters, so get them to share too!


Obama’s social success

As The President’s reign comes to an end, it seems apt to look at some of the social media tricks that Obama does well.

Presenting a focused and clear message – Remember Hope?


It’s a one word slogan that created buzz and worked to build Obama’s profile.

Authenticity – Obama signs off social media posts, authored by him with -BO anything else is tagged appropriately. That way the audience knows who has written what and takes the post to the next level of engagement.

Empower those that support you  – celebrities including Oprah, Bradley Cooper and Tiger Woods have all met Obama and through their own ways their support has further promoted Obama’s profile.

Three very simple ways your business can succeed online.

If you’d like assistance with your social media presence, contact us TODAY. 

Original article

Think you have social media under control?

Think again.

If you’re new to social media, trying to understand all its intricacies can be a nightmare. With a little help, the nightmare can turn into a dream come true!

Ragan’s PR daily posted 4 reasons why a PR company should look after your social media channels.

I’d like to add my own reasons.

PR’s have the ability to understand where the next “big thing” in social media will be. We have to have our finger on the pulse, so it makes sense to employ someone who understands this space.

PR’s should be able to creatively use your social media channel in order to engage the audience you’re after. There’s no point in posting pointless information, as PR’s it’s our job to ensure your message is reaching the correct audience – whatever the method of communication used is.

PR’s now live and breathe social media. Why give yourself extra work, when you can employ someone who understands (and potentially LOVES) social media.

If you’d like to discuss how Pursuit Communications can help with your social media, head to the contact us page.

The Ragan’s post can be found here.

From a PR’s perspective

There was a great post earlier this week on Ragan’s PR Daily Website which I’d like to share with you.

While written somewhat tongue in cheek (IMHO) the list of “20 things PR clients should know” rings very true to me as a PR professional.

Suggestions such as “Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter” and “No, we’re not writing any more “…pleased to announce…” ledes. ”

“Ditto for “We’re so excited/thrilled/happy” CEO quotes. Pretend you’re explaining the story to a friend over drinks, and then give us that quote.”

Sure it sounds simple enough but that’s the point, it’s often the simple things that get overlooked.

My favourite point is the last one…(go and have a read)… It’s my favourite because I’m certain there are elements of each client we all adore and sometimes we neglect to tell you (as our client) this!

If you are considering engaging a PR company it’s worth having a read.

If you’re a PR professional – share your thoughts about what clients should know.

From a client side, now is your chance to voice your opinion, what do you wish your PR company knew?

The list can be found here.

Happy reading!

Welcome to 2011

Morning all,

Pursuit Communications is in full swing for 2011.

This year we’re looking forward to continuing our relationships with our clients, associates, media contacts and friends and making 2011 the success it deserves to be.  We’re also looking to expand our client list – so if you think you may need some PR assistance – we’re more than happy to chat – obligation free.

From the get-go we have some great opportunities at the moment – especially for food and wine businesses. If you’re interested contact us – via the “Contact Pursuit Communications” tab above.


For now – wishing you all the best for a prosperous 2011 –



#PRBloggerlove tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow on Twitter the Pursuit Communications team will be encouraging our PR’s and Blogger followers to join in a discussion regarding the relationship between PR’s and Bloggers – #PRBloggerlove day.

So if you’re a PR and have a question you want answered by a blogger (or vice versa) – we’re hoping to facilitate this by opening up the communication channels to both parties. Our aim is that both parties understands each other – without the misconception of “being used”  (for both parties).

We encourage you to post your questions in advance here, as a response to this post, so we can start the day with some fantastic questions.

Please feel free to RT a link to this post, email it to your blogger / PR friends to spread the word.