Tips from #PRBloggerlove day

As promised here are our tips from yesterday’s successful #PRBloggerlove day.

Tip 1 for PR’s provide relevant content to the blogger (seems simple) but a majority don’t tailor their pitches to bloggers.

Tip 1 for Bloggers: Adopt a colour code for PR’s to understand Green = yes pitch to me, red = no amber = email me first.

Tip 2 for PR’s If you are reaching out to a blogger for the first time, it’s best to keep the tone business-like.

Tip 2 for Bloggers: Be clear with PR’s about what you want and don’t want from them. It’ll make life easier for everyone.

Tip 3 for PR’s : Expose all potential conflicts of interest or corporate ties right off the bat to avoid further headaches.

Tip 3 for Bloggers: Don’t ride the gravy train just for freebies if you say you’ll do something, make sure you do!

Tip 4 for PR’s: Never send out more than one or two communications to a blogger a day – like fashion less is more.   

Tip 4 for Bloggers: have relevant info on your blog – twitter link, FaceBook, email address, postal address etc  

Tip 5 for PR’s: Offer Bloggers same access you would to Journalist – key executives, products, launches etc   

Tip 5 for bloggers: Set up an autoresponse w requirements you need & PR’s will want eg images, your unique pg views, turnaround etc  

Tip 6 for Bloggers & PR’s – Be open to feedback – it will help everyone in the long term.   

Tip 7 for PR’s: Tie in your pitch with relevant & current news angles – so the blogger has an angle to work with  

Tip 7 for Bloggers: Promote your blog – email PR agencies when you’re after new content and be specific about what you want and WHY! 

Tip 8 for PR’s: Remember Bloggers have deadlines too don’t bombard them with requests and demands, you wouldn’t do this to a journalist – so don’t do it to a blogger!  

Tip 8 for Bloggers: Be honest – don’t say what you think people will want to hear – they want to hear YOUR thoughts.  

Tip 9 for PR’s:  Put your release in the body of email – makes it easier for bloggers to review at a glance.  

Tip 9 for Bloggers: Take the time to read what you’ve been sent – you might find an angle or part of a pitch that suits your blog better than the original idea sent.

Final   tip for PR’s & Bloggers – engage with each other – meet up for coffee a drink and get to know one another!

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