Tips from #PRBloggerlove day

As promised here are our tips from yesterday’s successful #PRBloggerlove day.

Tip 1 for PR’s provide relevant content to the blogger (seems simple) but a majority don’t tailor their pitches to bloggers.

Tip 1 for Bloggers: Adopt a colour code for PR’s to understand Green = yes pitch to me, red = no amber = email me first.

Tip 2 for PR’s If you are reaching out to a blogger for the first time, it’s best to keep the tone business-like.

Tip 2 for Bloggers: Be clear with PR’s about what you want and don’t want from them. It’ll make life easier for everyone.

Tip 3 for PR’s : Expose all potential conflicts of interest or corporate ties right off the bat to avoid further headaches.

Tip 3 for Bloggers: Don’t ride the gravy train just for freebies if you say you’ll do something, make sure you do!

Tip 4 for PR’s: Never send out more than one or two communications to a blogger a day – like fashion less is more.   

Tip 4 for Bloggers: have relevant info on your blog – twitter link, FaceBook, email address, postal address etc  

Tip 5 for PR’s: Offer Bloggers same access you would to Journalist – key executives, products, launches etc   

Tip 5 for bloggers: Set up an autoresponse w requirements you need & PR’s will want eg images, your unique pg views, turnaround etc  

Tip 6 for Bloggers & PR’s – Be open to feedback – it will help everyone in the long term.   

Tip 7 for PR’s: Tie in your pitch with relevant & current news angles – so the blogger has an angle to work with  

Tip 7 for Bloggers: Promote your blog – email PR agencies when you’re after new content and be specific about what you want and WHY! 

Tip 8 for PR’s: Remember Bloggers have deadlines too don’t bombard them with requests and demands, you wouldn’t do this to a journalist – so don’t do it to a blogger!  

Tip 8 for Bloggers: Be honest – don’t say what you think people will want to hear – they want to hear YOUR thoughts.  

Tip 9 for PR’s:  Put your release in the body of email – makes it easier for bloggers to review at a glance.  

Tip 9 for Bloggers: Take the time to read what you’ve been sent – you might find an angle or part of a pitch that suits your blog better than the original idea sent.

Final   tip for PR’s & Bloggers – engage with each other – meet up for coffee a drink and get to know one another!

First #PRBloggerlove day

In light of recent events transpiring via Twitter and other social networking outlets, I’ve taken it upon myself to instigate the first #PRBloggerlove day.

To be held NEXT TUESDAY 10 AUGUST (Australian time) – we’ll be encouraging bloggers to let PR’s know what makes them tick, what they like, don’t like and ultimately open the channels of communication between these two parties.

If there’s enough interest we’ll see if we can organise some sort of UStream lunch-time chat for those that want to take part.

So pass the word on that NEXT TUESDAY 10 AUGUST is #PRBloggerlove day – we’ll be using that hash-tag on Twitter and encourage you to do the same.