The good the bad and the ugly…

This week I’ve been monitoring what companies are doing to encourage customers to use their services.


No such thing as a free lunch….ING Direct – Savings Week.

Everyone likes something for nothing, and with this idea in mind the creative minds working for ING Direct have something for everyone, literally. Starting next week, they’ll be offering a week’s full of free goodies to people across Australia. Additionally, they’re encouraging their existing customers to log on to the site to claim a free present in form of added interest to your account or a discount card valid at number of various attractions, restaurants etc.

From a PR perspective there are only few things that could go amiss with this execution, people may complain they didn’t have a chance to receive their “freebie”, complain they had to wait too long in a queue to collect the item etc. At the end of the day the public needs to know, there really isn’t anything as a free lunch… or is there?


iPhone Apps gone bad –iSnort

App’s or applications for the Apple iPhone have reached astronomical heights. Just last week Apple celebrated the one billionth download of an application. App’s are provided to the masses to entertain, educate and some are there just because they can be. They also encourage those people who have purchased an iPhone to continue to spend $ (if the application demands a payment) and therefore Apple builds a “relationship” with each and every customer.

There really isn’t a benefit to downloading this particular app, sure it may earn a few chuckles, but what does it really say about the person who has downloaded it?

Does it suggest they may be a drug user, a wannabe druggie? Could it speak volumes about their past, present and future? Or is it merely an app made to generate a few cheap laughs?

From a PR perspective, this looks like it could become a nightmare for Apple. I can see potential law suits happening, due to kids wanting to experiment with the real stuff, after having a go on the”pretend” stuff on their iPhones. I’m happy with my apple scratch n sniff stickers thanks.


Cost-cutting doesn’t equal cheating. (Warning: Not suitable to view at work) Ashley Madison commercial.

Since when did the recession become an excuse to have an affair? The Ashley Madison website, encourages married people to log on and find a partner that is willing to partake in “co-curricular” activities. This is just plain wrong and horrible. It really doesn’t deserve the attention it’s receiving because that’s exactly what this company is after.

I don’t even want to delve into what sort of customer would visit this website, other than someone who is truly scum of the earth and needs clinical help.

From a PR perspective UGLY. Lawsuits a plenty, angry customers, angry stakeholders with incorrect messaging and perceptions (although there really isn’t a positive message for this company in sight) The less said about this website the better.


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