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Meeting an inspirational businesswoman

Set at La Boheme at Terrigal, last week I was invited to meet one of Australia’s most delightful & inspiring businesswomen not to mention one the MOST influential jewellery designers – Samantha Wills.

Samantha Wills and La Boheme

The evening was coincided with her recent book launch of Dust and Gold.

I had been eyeing off purchasing the book for some time. But there was an inner voice telling me to wait and I’m glad I listened.

Of Dust and Gold Books

Stylistically, the event was perfection. Look at those branded cookies! The simplicity and detail is spot-on.

The evening was an opportunity for local women to mingle, enjoy a glass of wine courtesy of Upstairs Wine (at Kincumber and their new Long Jetty presence) and peruse the new (stunning) collection at La Boheme.

Music from AshRae set the mood impeccably (you can follow her on Insta here), again another big tick ✅ from an event point of view.

Samantha did a short reading from her book and answered a few questions from the audience before attendees had the opportunity to purchase their own copies of the book and have them personally signed by Samantha.

I patiently waited for my copy to be signed, thinking what it was that I wanted to ask or say to Samantha.

Seriously, what do you say to someone who is so down to earth but inspires you to the high heavens!

Was I going to ask about business advice? Talk to her about the PR process for her book?

What about the writing process? Was I going to comment on how much (collectively) we appreciate her coming to the Central Coast for this event? Or just a simple, it’s so lovely to meet you and I can’t wait to read your book?

When I approached Samantha, I said “Thank you for your time, it is appreciated, then I said thank you for being so very open about your Endometriosis journey…”

Sure a bit random, but if you’ve been following Samantha on her socials and website, you’ll know that she’s not one to shy away from this topic.

I told her I too suffered from “Endo” and how very much it means to have someone of her stature sharing so publicly her journey and trials with “Endo”. We shared anecdotes and chatted about how much more needs to be done collectively.

Meeting Samantha and now having my own personally signed copy of the book to read, which will (once read) take pride of place with my Samantha Wills jewellery pieces on my dresser was something that I will truly treasure.

Pursuit Communications was a very grateful guest of CC Harvey Consulting.

You can purchase a copy of Of Dust and Gold via Booktopia 

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