Lessons from 2020

In my 2019 post of the same title I thought that those 12 months were a real “teacher”… Boy, was I wrong!

2020 you sure as heck taught everyone a thing of two!

Now that we’re well and truly settled into 2021 here are some the lessons I’ve used from 2020 to succeed in the New Year.

Being able to adapt is a key skill

Going from face-to-face meetings to online meetings, wasn’t the biggest of leaps for me (I have been working from my home-office for the better part of 12 years). However, the constant of working from home during the peak of the COVID pandemic, was something that most of us had to adapt to, myself included.

No longer was my outlet of going to a meeting to see clients and get that much required and desired interaction available to me. Instead, I was talking to my computer screen a lot and on my phone even more. But I was incredibly grateful to still be working and have that interaction – even on a virtual level.

Sometimes you just have to say no

2020 presented a few more major health issues for me and my family and in the end, I just had to use those two little letters. N-O.

I had to draw the line in the sand and make my family the priority it deserves to be and in the process, discovered a better sense of self and am slowly realising a lesson that I’m one to often preach (but not necessarily follow myself – I know bad example!). That lesson being, be happy with incompletion. A lesson from the remarkable Arianna Huffington.

Incompletion means there’s something to do tomorrow. Incompletion means you’re lucky enough to have work, to have something to do and the means to do that. So, I’ve written that on my whiteboard and most days when I glance at it, it’s a reminder to myself to listen to myself!

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones left behind

During the peak of lockdown, I toyed with the idea like so many other people of starting a podcast. With a family history of broadcasters, it seemed like a natural progression.

I even went so far as speaking to potential guests to gauge their interest, registering podcast site names and attending online courses during lockdown. I then realised that perhaps starting a third business /outlet was potentially just too much (and taking my own advice from point two) I decided that If I’m going to venture towards a podcast I have to make sure its with the best tools and FOCUS. (Stay tuned!)

What opportunities will 2021 bring?

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