Watch what you say…

The importance of what you said and what you meant to say was highlighted last week by Steve Jobs – Apple CEO.

Pursuit Communications, Managing Director, Brooke Simmons shares her thoughts below.

Last week, Steve Jobs – Apple CEO  announced the steps Apple was going to take regarding the issues beleaguering the iPhone 4.

What Mr. Jobs said he was going to do is give “every iPhone user a free case”. WOW! Everyone? What a generous offer Mr. Jobs. In December 2009, it was stated that 13 million iPhones had been sold. That’s a lot of cases…

What Mr. Jobs assumedly meant to say was “every iPhone 4 user”.

Thankfully, what appeared on the screen behind Jobs when he was making the keynote speech – stated “free case for every iPhone 4”, which we can only assume prompted him to then  say “one for every iPhone 4”. If he hadn’t clarified that the free cases were limited to iPhone 4 users, Apple could’ve faced a much larger headache to add to their woes.

To view a video of the announcement click here.

Note: At the 0:57 mark is when Mr. Jobs states a free case for every iPhone.

It’s in these instances that PR plays a vital role, making sure all spokespeople rehearse speeches, are aware of statements to avoid and providing an overall assistance role when it comes to issues management.

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