PR perspective on latest news events

It certainly has been a chaotic week in Australia – with a new (and first female) PM in the hot-seat, the Socceroos out of the World Cup and Australia’s own Miranda Kerr finally saying yes to her beau – Orlando Bloom the media has certainly been very busy of late.

In any case, if you were a business last week wanting to launch a product, notify the general public about your services or encourage the media to attend some sort of keynote speech – the chances would’ve been slim with all the afore mentioned events taking place. Unless that is  – you had a brilliant hook or angle to tempt the media with.

That’s where good PR comes into play.

Knowing that your PR team is on top of these emerging stories and keeping decision makers in the loop as to what options are open to them is vital at times like this.

Creative thinking and a proactive nature are important skills that all decent PR practitioners should have in their bag of tricks. There is a thin line between creativity and just saying something for the sake of it, which again any decent PR agent should be able to judge.

Various businesses  did decide to maximise on the opportunity that presented itself when Australia’s first female PM was announced last week. Ranging from fast-food outlets, hair colour specialists, fashion retailers and airlines to name a few all “jumped on the bandwagon”.

Was this a good idea? Well you’d have to ask each business that decided to grab the opportunity – which can be measured in a number of ways – sales figures, website / social media site visits, store visitation figures – the list goes on.

Sometimes it’s not the PR agents that make the news – rather they just add to it (for the benefit of their clients of course!) – and if it’s done correctly can work brilliantly.

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