How to Trump an interview

I’m not the greatest fan of Donald Trump, but his interview with David Letterman this week illustrates quite effectively how to turn a negative question into a positive.

Watch the snippet of Trump with Letterman here.

What Trump has done is turn the attention away from his company and onto another thereby deflecting (or some would even say spinning)  the negative attention and shining this negativity onto another.

On a similar note; the negativity of the economic situation (I personally refuse to call it a crisis due to the negativity associated with that word – but I digress) has hit “home”. The PR industry in the States has slammed a report which states one in four independent PR agencies was facing imminent closure.

The story can be found here.

I personally believe that there will always remain a need for PR services in every market across the globe and I’m not saying that because I’m in the industry. There will be companies that require issues management resources that they just don’t have internally, other companies will require media outreach that will need to go beyond the capabilities of their marketing staff and on it goes.

It’s all in the way you look at the facts and decide to interpret and present them – which is part and parcel of working in PR.

Credit to Gawker and PR Week for the links.

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