Update on Facebook pages

A while ago we posted on the changes Facebook made to business pages and how you access other pages through your business page.

You can find this post here.

The team at Social Media Today contacted Facebook about returning the function to “use as page”, the response is below.

UPDATE: Facebook responded to our request, though only to confirm the change had been put into effect, not why. Here’s their response:

“We’ve deprecated the ability to login and use Facebook as the Page you manage. However, we’ve built parallel features to enable you to do all of the same things you could previously do, without requiring you to use Facebook as your Page.

Using Business Manager is one great option. The following link will instruct you on how to set up Business Manager. http://bit.ly/23W3cwC

If you would rather not go that route, this article from our Help Center describes how to post, like or comment as your Page: http://bit.ly/23W3d3L.”

So, it appears that Facebook is sticking with their decision to remove the ability to “use page as”.

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