Instagram changes…

So today Instagram announced that it’s changing it’s algorithm. (Sigh)

Media reports are stating:

“Instagram said that the change would not be quick or jarring, and that it would start the shift in a series of small tests with a single-digit percentage of user groups before deciding whether to introduce the changes broadly.”

So what’s the change??

Well you’ll see “more popular posts” at the top of your feed, according to the way you interact with other accounts.

Our thoughts?

Don’t panic…YET!

The “authentic” way of viewing posts is great, you’ll get no argument from us on that front.

However, after talking to one of our favourite tech-gurus he’s offered this thought.

On Facebook, you can elect to be notified when a page / personality etc posts something on Facebook, I’d be surprised if Instagram didn’t offer a similar option. 

We tend to agree with this.

So what do you do now?

Immediately reinforce to your audience your authenticity, your appreciation for them.

We can assist with this transition and can help your business move through this developmental stage of Instagram.

Contact us TODAY.

Link to Instagram Blog

Link to NY Times article 

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