Think you have social media under control?

Think again.

If you’re new to social media, trying to understand all its intricacies can be a nightmare. With a little help, the nightmare can turn into a dream come true!

Ragan’s PR daily posted 4 reasons why a PR company should look after your social media channels.

I’d like to add my own reasons.

PR’s have the ability to understand where the next “big thing” in social media will be. We have to have our finger on the pulse, so it makes sense to employ someone who understands this space.

PR’s should be able to creatively use your social media channel in order to engage the audience you’re after. There’s no point in posting pointless information, as PR’s it’s our job to ensure your message is reaching the correct audience – whatever the method of communication used is.

PR’s now live and breathe social media. Why give yourself extra work, when you can employ someone who understands (and potentially LOVES) social media.

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The Ragan’s post can be found here.

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