Not convinced about social networking?

This video ought to change your mind.

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Just some thoughts on this video…

The study puts all the media outlets on a level playing field which isn’t entirely fair. Nor does it present the correct information – what we have to remember is that population numbers weren’t at the levels they are now – therefore the rate of uptake for social networking, iPods et. al would obviously be higher.

Additionally, social networking has used other media outlets to grow. People on TV report about the latest Facebook news, Ellen Degeneres reminds her audience to visit her twitter page and become a follower. In Mx (commuter publication in Australia) every day, there’s a daily column dedicated to celebrity twitter comments.

Ultimately these facts are surely amazing and the case that social media is an outlet that businesses need to grasp right now is very true, the audience needs to appreciate that social media succeeds through the success and availability of media outlets of “the past”.

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