Three things I love about Twitter

I thought it was about time we looked at a social media channel that isn’t Instagram!

I thought I’d share three reasons why I love Twitter. I know, for some, Twitter doesn’t get the best “wrap” but in my opinion and in my industry, it really is a go-to source.

  1. Relationships formed with people – I’ve made some great friends in RL via Twitter and some people I’m yet to meet. Twitter allows you (like other channels) to connect and voice an opinion. (I’ll come to this later). What I like about it is being able to find people who share a common interest and connect with them. Sure you can do this on other channels too, but for me, Twitter is one of the better places to do this.
  2. Following breaking news & trends – After switching on the radio when there’s a major breaking story, I’ll jump on Twitter straight away, enter a relevant hashtag and monitor the news. When searching for trends for our clients, I can see what their competitors are tweeting (if indeed they are on Twitter) and see how the conversation is tracking in any particular space.
  3. The opinions – Okay, so this has its good and bad aspects to it. Again, just like on any social media channel, you’ll have your “negative nellie” and unfortunately you’ll have trolls too. BUT this aside, being able to converse in a space with opinions  from right across the globe, really can open your eyes.

So, is Twitter for you? Well it all depends, what industry you’re in and ultimately what you’re hoping to achieve by joining Twitter.

If you’d like to see if Twitter is for you – select our WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL IS FOR ME package and we’ll provide insights as to where we believe you should focus your attention.

Leo wins another award… Sort of…

So if being awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor wasn’t enough for Leonardo DiCaprio, he also broke a Twitter record.

Leo’s win generated  440,000 tweets per minute, completely outshining Ellen’s selfie Twitter record which stood at 225,000 tweets per minute.

Just another example of the role of social media in today’s society and how we’re all communicating.

For the full story click here

An emoji costs how much?

In time for Superbowl 50 – Twitter has struck deals with brands such as Pepsi and Budweiser to have two distinct emjois for the event.


The amount estimated to have been paid by these brands, is a seven figure sum.

Our opinion, it’s a creative option to reach out to another audience during a major event. So long as the emoji’s aren’t hijacked or used inappropriately (which in itself can be difficult to track), it may see a rise in brand awareness and potentially translate to sales.

So, is this a wise marketing / PR move to capitalise on an event that will be discussed globally?

Let us know what do you think.

Full story here. 

Don’t believe in social media? Read this…

Last week Sea FM on the NSW Central Coast let go their breakfast team “Paddy & Ciel”.

There was no warning the team was leaving, there was no “farewell show”, no hooplah that you would normally expect with a breakfast radio team departing their post.

Since then 99% of their Facebook posts have contained complaints about the sudden departure of the ratings winning team.

Today, Sea FM posted this comment of their Facebook page:

Hey Guys, Ryan the Sea FM boss here. Thanks for all of your support for Paddy and Ciel, not only were the team really touched by it but it reminded us all at Sea FM how much you love the guys and just how high the standard has been set.

Never fear, we have some BIG plans for Sea FM and we are committed to giving you the Central Coast’s freshest and entertaining breakfast show in 2013. Stay tuned for more…”

The comments have ranged from angered, to disappointed to simple frustration. It’s easy to see why. With little or no communication as to the reasoning behind this decision listeners have taken to Facebook to vent their frustration and as time progresses we WILL only see MORE of this.

EDIT: This message has been posted in response to the multiude of comments requesting Paddy & Ciel make a return in 2013.

“Thank you for all your comments, the new breakfast show will be local. We’re proudly local and will continue to offer the best shows on Central Coast radio. An announcement to be out in the next few days. Ryan Sea FM Boss”

The point being, communication is KING! Especially via social media.

Don’t believe us?

Watch this…

This unfortunate situation with Paddy & Ciel just highlights the information in the video above.

It certainly looks like the power of social media will continue for some time to come.

What are you searching for?

Last week Google released  their  Zeitgeist lists: this year’s hottest search terms on

There were some interesting searches throughout the year – including “cakepops”, otoplasty – plastic ear surgery and searching for “what is culture?” – clearly Kath & Kim were busy googling this!

If you’re searching for Public Relations help – then really you’ve come to the right place! (We couldn’t resist a cheeky plug!)

In the meantime, for the full list of popular search terms from google, click here.

Happy reading!

First #PRBloggerlove day

In light of recent events transpiring via Twitter and other social networking outlets, I’ve taken it upon myself to instigate the first #PRBloggerlove day.

To be held NEXT TUESDAY 10 AUGUST (Australian time) – we’ll be encouraging bloggers to let PR’s know what makes them tick, what they like, don’t like and ultimately open the channels of communication between these two parties.

If there’s enough interest we’ll see if we can organise some sort of UStream lunch-time chat for those that want to take part.

So pass the word on that NEXT TUESDAY 10 AUGUST is #PRBloggerlove day – we’ll be using that hash-tag on Twitter and encourage you to do the same.

What did you tweet???

The number of services that are available to deconstruct our usage of social media outlets is increasing rapidly.

One such service that we’ve discovered is tweet cloud and while it’s nothing extraordinary – it certainly does put into perspective what you tweet about most and offers the opportunity to potentially revise your tweeting habits.

Below is the cloud generated by Pursuit Communications Managing Director, Brooke Simmons.