Dear, Wonderful Woman

Dear Wonderful Woman,

Yes, this is for you!

I shouldn’t have left this until the most obvious day to tell you (International Women’s Day), but you’re an inspiration. While you may not feel like it all the time, you are.

From the way you carry yourself, your words of wisdom, the ability to laugh at yourself, to being able to juggle a family life, a social life and work all at once – you are incredible.

The skills you share, the insights and discussions that open my mind to a world with endless possibilities, are priceless.

The caring nature, the thoughtful glances and knowing looks, the little text messages when I least expect it, you are brilliant.

The questions you ask that push the boundaries, the ideas you propose to improve things make me realise there’s more to achieve and it IS achievable.

So on this day, thank you. Thank you for being you.


You x

International Women’s Day 2011


The Pursuit team thought they’d take some time out to celebrate what’s great about being a woman (and some of these are tongue in cheek) on the 100th anniversary of  International Women’s Day.

  • The ability to bring life into the world
  • The sheer variety of clothes we have to choose from
  • Reading the manual isn’t something we’re ashamed to do
  • Neither is asking for directions when we’re lost
  • We’re happy to admit when we’ve made a mistake and learn from the experience
  • Handbags & shoes – no more needs to be said
  • Chocolate and red wine can solve (most of) our problems
  • Being able to inspire other women with our stories without the need to beat our chests
  • We’re able to appreciate what’s going on in politics as much as what’s going on in Brothers and Sisters
  • Being able to share our problems and communicate with each other
  • Chick-flicks and chick-lit books
  • We look good when we dance…. most of the time!

On a serious note now, Each day millions of women around the world struggle to make ends meet. Nowhere is this situation more acute than in those countries recovering from conflict. Please visit the UNHCR site for more information about what this fantastic organisation is doing to help those in need.