Why I might switch to a Google phone

Last week Google released their PIXEL phone. I’ve been reading various blogs about the benefits of the phone.

While THIS BLOG is specifically targeting PR professionals, the reasons for switching to a Pixel could be applied to anyone really.

I really like the idea of being able to search specifically for photos and while you can do this (in limited capacity) with the iPhone, it would appear on the surface that the Pixel takes searching to the next level. (Shouldn’t be a surprise coming from Google).

What features would you like from a mobile device?



What are you searching for?

Last week Google released  their  Zeitgeist lists: this year’s hottest search terms on google.com.au.

There were some interesting searches throughout the year – including “cakepops”, otoplasty – plastic ear surgery and searching for “what is culture?” – clearly Kath & Kim were busy googling this!

If you’re searching for Public Relations help – then really you’ve come to the right place! (We couldn’t resist a cheeky plug!)

In the meantime, for the full list of popular search terms from google, click here.

Happy reading!