Thinking outside the box for success

If you’ve found this post via our Instagram, you’ll know that Pursuit Communications has been working with Generator Property Management for a number of years now.

Generator Property Management is the caretaker of the former Munmorah Power Station site on the NSW Central Coast.

Pursuit’s tasks include traditional PR services, issues management advice and services and general media /consultative advice.

The project has been an eye-opening experience and one that the Pursuit team has loved working on.


Through this project, we’ve been able to work with a team that are industry leaders and share our own expertise to achieve some pretty unreal results.

As an example; one of the last demolition activities saw the news story go NATIONAL. The video footage was provided to television stations in Sydney. The story was aired on all commercial television networks news bulletins the evening of the event. Exceeding our client’s goals.

Pursuit actively monitors the media across a variety of topics for our client so they’re more than aware of what’s happening in the media landscape within their industry.

If you’d like to have a chat about your business and how Pursuit can assist, shoot us an email.

We work within your budgets, tell you what’s achievable and create a plan to not only achieve your goals, but we work hard to exceed them!

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Image: Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

International Women’s Day 2011


The Pursuit team thought they’d take some time out to celebrate what’s great about being a woman (and some of these are tongue in cheek) on the 100th anniversary of  International Women’s Day.

  • The ability to bring life into the world
  • The sheer variety of clothes we have to choose from
  • Reading the manual isn’t something we’re ashamed to do
  • Neither is asking for directions when we’re lost
  • We’re happy to admit when we’ve made a mistake and learn from the experience
  • Handbags & shoes – no more needs to be said
  • Chocolate and red wine can solve (most of) our problems
  • Being able to inspire other women with our stories without the need to beat our chests
  • We’re able to appreciate what’s going on in politics as much as what’s going on in Brothers and Sisters
  • Being able to share our problems and communicate with each other
  • Chick-flicks and chick-lit books
  • We look good when we dance…. most of the time!

On a serious note now, Each day millions of women around the world struggle to make ends meet. Nowhere is this situation more acute than in those countries recovering from conflict. Please visit the UNHCR site for more information about what this fantastic organisation is doing to help those in need.